About Us

BLOBIA Inc is full service software and hardware development consulting company offering web application development and software integration, dedicated to helping companies create intelligent and smart software solutions, delivered on time. Based on Free Open Source, Commercial and Own Developed Software, we provide complete and smart software solutions at affordable prices. We develop brand new software solutions and/or integrate with your existing software solution. Our business approach combines the most strategic aspects of both onshore and offshore models providing our clients with the highest quality projects at significantly reduced costs.

Our mission is to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by providing flexible, high quality Information Technology solutions on time, every time. Our ability to meet this challenge is based upon our proven excellence in building strong teams of dedicated software professionals, all of whom are focused on the individual needs of our clients.

Our team of talented experts has been responsible for the architecture, design and development of major commercial software products and web applications for companies across various industries. Our strong software engineering background allows us to create a successful solution for any type of application development project. Our relationship with the customer is viewed as a partnership. Our customers are integral part of the development team, without taking too much of their time. Is our goal to realize our customer's needs to maximize their return on investment.

Our products have been developed with our customers' needs in mind, and with emphasis on quality, support, and documentation.

We work with you to solve problems and to keep your project moving smoothly.

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